What's on Skydream's mind?

Please introduce yourself:

My name is Hee Soon Choi and I live in Independence, Ky which is about 25 minutes away from Cincinnati and I live with my husband and hybrid baby Sky. I am 42 as of this month and Sky is 2, I am kind of slow bloomer;)

What was your life like before jewelry?

I used to own a meditation and dharma center so I guess non profitable, hopefully selling jewelry turns it around;)
I live a very simple life. I don't like having lots of stuff. The more I have the more i have to clean.
The only thing that has changed since I started making jewelry is that I don't buy jewelry any more, I am a jewelry addict.

It seems lately that a lot more of your work combines wire, not just as a function, but as an integral part of your designs. What compelled you to add this element to your, already spectacular, jewelry designs?

I always search for unique findings and wanted to make my own since I was not really satisfied with what is out there. So I bought PMC starter kit and played around with wire. After watching a video from a starter kit, I realized that it needed more time and money to learn and I don't have that kind of time yet. Sky is 25 months and I like to give as much time as I can possibly do.
I was looking for findings that can enhance the beauty of stones in more personal and organic form. On the other hand, I fell in love with wire immediately. I love wire work for its intimacy. It's done by bare hands with very little help from tools.
All my wishes and dreams for that piece and its wearer will be felt by the wearer and what an intimate connection that is!:)
Wire wrapping is very much like meditation to me and I love to thank Lisa of Julidadesigns. She basically gave me free teaching. She sent me dozens of tutorial pictures of her signature design. Thank you Lisa!!!!

Are there any other ways, besides making jewelry, that you express your creativity?

I hand quilt. Learned it from my late mother in law. I love everything Americana. And I am pretty good at it;)

Do you have any recurring dreams?
Yes, filthy toilet. When I am stressed out and need to clean my mind, I dream about soiled toilet. Dirty toilet that needs to be cleaned immediately;)

What's the status of your wire inventory right now?

Well stocked! I just got my order of 14k gold fill and fine silver.

Name one thing about wire wrapping that you are dying to learn:
I have many tutorials from Eni Oken that I need to try but, Lilithu's bracelet is what I want to learn the most. Maybe she will get the hint and consider making tutorials, just maybe???

Where does your inspiration for color come from?

Stones, colors and nature. Stones and colors speak to me. Nature inspires me.

Name one "guilty pleasure":

If money weren't a factor and you could have any one strand of beads to create with, what would they be?

blue diamond.

What's in your C.D player right now?

It is MP3 I made and it has bocceli, campbell's lecture, some korean rock, tracy chapman and perhaps love by john denver and placido domingo.


Judy of JUMA said...

I love the interview!! Well done Hee Soon and Kat! I feel like I know you now, Hee SooN!!

Ewa said...

Yeah it's a very nice inteview!
lilithu's tutorial? hmmm maybe one day :D

SofiesC said...

Great interview! It feel great getting to know you guys better!