From Sheela of Eclettica, The Atelier.

Use Sterling Silver Wire for frames, dead soft, as they're pliable whilst remaining immensely sturdy and lightweight.

Use Fine Silver Wire for wrapping because not only is their content of Silver higher (999), they do not tarnish and leave black marks on your fingers as you wrap; and they're a whole lot more pliant for wrapping purposes. Just need to be careful when using smaller gauges like 30 or 32, try not to cut longer than as far as your arm can stretch to minimise kinks.

MatthewnMolly on Etsy give very good prices for Fine, Sterling, Gold and Rose Gold wires.

Oxidising in the enviromentally-friendly way: tons of ways to oxidise using boiled eggs but I find this the most effective and clean method. Boil your egg, usually one egg per necklace or one for every 3 pairs of earrings, put the entire egg with shells and the jewellery into a ziploc, then use a plastic cup or bottom of bottled water to crack the egg into smithereens. Within minutes, the patina can be seen. I get a lovely dark look in about 10-15 minutes. When done, remove your jewellery, throw ziploc with contents and wash. Easier.

Just remember not to smash your jewellery.