SCHEDULE OF THEMES {updated 03/14/2008 }

Hello everyone,

I figured it'd be far more convenient to post this calender here too :)


Shiny Adornments (THEME: NOCTURNAL) >>current week<
Emerald Dolphin Design (THEME: MAGIC) (wk 03/17/2008)
Suesun (THEME: BUTTERFLY) (wk 03/24/2008)
HerGypsySoul (THEME: WHIRLIGIG) (wk 03/31/2008)
Raeleen's (wk 04/07/2008)
Realisation Creations (THEME: GOTHIC BRIDE) (wk 04/14/2008)
SuzyQ Jewelry (THEME: PASSION) (wk 04/21/2008)
Follow The Red Brick Road (THEME: CELTIC CHIC) (wk 04/28/2008)
JUMA Jewelry (THEME: CIRCLES & SQUARES) (wk 05/05/2008)
Earrings By Erin (THEME: HEART & SOUL) (wk 05/12/2008)
Made For An Angel (THEME: SISTERS) (wk 05/19/2008)
Lilithu (THEME: SLEEPING SUN) (wk 05/26/2008)
Emin Jewelry (THEME: WATERFALL) (wk 06/02/2008)
Reina Bella (THEME: A MID SUMMER NIGHT) (wk 06/09/2008)

~ Concluded, to repick when turn comes ~

Julida Designs (Theme: Paisley)
Lissa Harlin Designs (Theme: Key)
Meristem (Theme: Candy)
Eclettica, The Atelier (Theme: A Rose Amongst The Thorns)
Aden Angier (Theme: Celestial Beings)
Revelate (Theme:Tree)
Sky Dreams (Theme: Spring)